19 February 2016

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

By this saying [Philippians 2:5ff.], St. Paul with one word flings open the gates of heaven, thus letting us behold the unspeakable, gracious will and love of the Father's heart toward us, so that we feel how from the beginning of time Christ's sacrifice for us has been well-pleasing unto God.—Martin Luther, Sermons from 1525


Unknown said...

Is this the same Father Who is alleged to have raged against His own Son on Calvary?
Peace and Joy!
George A. Marquart

William Weedon said...

God said to His beloved Son:
"It's time to have compassion.
Then go, Bright Jewel of My Crown,
And bring to them salvation.
From sin and sorrow set them free,
Slay bitter death for them that they
May live with You forever."

Unknown said...

Amen to that, Will. Amen and thanks be to God.

Peace and Joy!