21 February 2016

Well, I did it...

...I decided on an iPad Pro to replace my aging iPad mini. It was a lot of moolah (GULP), but I've been very impressed thus far. I think it will largely render my work laptop needless. The keyboard is a delight to type on, although I have a habit of slamming the keys when I type (just ask Cindi!!!) and so it will be a bit loud for anyone sitting in the same room with me at a meeting! It will be great, though, for writing in my office or at home, for delivering addresses or sermons, for emails and for just about everything that I have to do. I already have this Monday's Thy Strong Word set up with my intro sheet in Pages and side by side with that the Greek and ESV text of Luke 4. Major sweet. 

The display is an absolute beauty. The sound is astounding. And thus far the battery life seems to be utterly respectable. I'm eager to try it out for a solid week at work as my sole devise for work and home. Given my limited experience this weekend, it will do the job with no problem whatsoever. 

This is basically my only personal computer (together with my iPhone 6; the iPad mini has been relegated to the living room stereo). I long since have lost my MacBook. I did a fair share of book writing on my old iPad mini for Celebrating the Saints, but with this devise writing will be a thousand times more pleasant. I have a number of presentations, sermons, and articles due and can't WAIT to put this Pro through its paces with the Smart Keyboard. I'll let you know how it goes as time progresses, but thus far it appears to be yet another Apple home run.


Mark Leckband said...

Using the Apple Pencil, too?

William Weedon said...

No, just the keyboard. I might try the pencil sometime, but I can't imagine a very good use for it.