19 February 2016

Twenty-five or thirty years ago...

...come almost any Friday in Mebane, North Carolina, you'd find the Weedon children abed and their parents gathered at the dining room table with Ed and Muriel Rose and Ruth Holler and her friend Gene. We'd be quite intent on the game before us: Liverpool. Ruth taught it to all of us and it has since brought the Weedon family and friends countless hours of both grief and joy. Tonight, by the way, it was a SPLENDID game and yours truly soundly trounced both Dave and Cindi. I'll never forget playing once with Dave and Jo and the regulars, when Ruth looked over into Jo's hand and said: "I'll take that. You don't need it." Jo was nearly speechless and we were all laughing our fool heads off. 

Ruth Ellen let us know yesterday that Ruth passed away at 87. It might sound odd, but I think we're going to miss her a great deal.  She was a dear, dear friend. True, she was a generation plus older, but we looked forward to those Friday nights with our older friends and to Ruth's raspy voice and boundless humor. 

If you've followed this blog for any time at all, you know the big place Liverpool holds for the Weedons. Here's a tribute to the lady who gave us such a great gift! Ruth Hollar, we love you! Rest in peace!

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