10 August 2017


A quiet morning. Did my walk and pushups, but then spent quite a bit of time reading on the deck with some french press at hand (thank you, Matt Bowers). When Cindi got back from work, we took another walk, during which Cindi announced she was going to head for the pool in a few minutes. We got in the house and hadn't sat down for long before Bekah showed up and wanted Cindi to do some more Konmari with her during her lunch break.  They retreated to the basement. I figured they'd be at it for a while, so headed out on my bike and did a quick 2 miles around town. When I got back, Bekah's car was gone. I went and got into my bathing suit to join Cindi in the pool. Only she wasn't in the pool. Odd, I thought. But I enjoyed it for a while by myself. Then I thought: "I wonder if her car is here." Yup. I went downstairs and all was dark. I looked in the garage again and noticed that HER bike was gone. Ah, I thought. She's gone on a ride. I went back and began vacuuming the pool. I let it run a long time and finally came in. She's still not back. I figure, SHE must have gone to Edwardsville (like I did on Tuesday), but she didn't invite me to go with her. That's weird. And it left me a little irritated.

I start to mow the lawn, and notice halfway through that her bike's back. When I finish we find out that she thought that *I* had taken off for Edwardsville without saying a word and was a little irritated about that; she rode down to catch up or meet me on the way. A few sprinkles, but no downpours, and she went all the way to Chapman before turning back. Of course, she never did catch up with me because I was home. 

Here we were, both a little irritated with each other, and once the whole story was known, we could only laugh. My fault for not telling her where I went while she and Bekah were working.

So, after dinner we DID get a joint bike ride in. Rode around town and up to Green Hedge and back. 


Larry Everett said...

Would you share your secret to the perfect Cup of Joe using a French Press?

William Weedon said...

Depends on your size press, and yoiur preference, but I love 3 coffee scoops of coffee beans (roasted by my friend, Matt Bowers), ground up just seconds before you pour over the hot water. Let it sit for 4 minutes. Then stir, and press it five times. Voila!