27 August 2017

What a Weekend!

On Friday, my regular announcer, Mark Stevens, was having some surgery. I figured he'd be out the week. I was planning on looking in on him on Monday, but the Lord's plans are not ours. He died in the afternoon, after his surgery. "In media vitae..." He was a very gentle and kind man. He'd fought his way back from a stroke that affected his ability to speak to being able to announce on the radio again. He will be greatly missed in the KFUO studios.

On Saturday, my youngest facetimed us to announce that she and Andy are officially engaged. She showed us her ring and she says she can't stop smiling. We can't stop smiling either. We've really come to love Andy a great deal and are very happy to welcome him to the family. We are so blessed in the children our children have married; all strong and devout Lutheran Christians and all just wonderful people.

On Sunday, Dean announced to his congregation in North Carolina that he has received a call from two parishes up in northern Wisconsin. Keep Dean and Lauren in your prayers, please, as they deliberate staying or going. So heart-wrenching either way, of course.

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