27 August 2017

Patristic Quote of the Day

A psalm is a city of refuge from the demons; a means of inducing help from the angels, a weapon in fears by night, a rest from the toils of the day, a safeguard for infants, an adornment for those at the height of their vigour, a consolation for the elders, a most fitting ornament for women. It peoples the solitudes; it rids the market places of excesses; it is the elementary exposition of beginners, the improvement of those advancing, the solid support of the perfect, the voice of the Church. It brightens feast days; it creates a sorrow which is in accordance with God. For, a psalm calls forth a tear even from a heart of stone. A psalm is the work of angels, a heavenly institution, the spiritual incense.—St. Basil the Great, PG XXIX:212

Psalm 1


Unknown said...

Nifty quotation! Thanks.

tehazy said...

Insightful and encouraging. Thank God for the "Treasury of Daily Prayer," that gets one into the Psalms every day. Thanks for the post.