05 September 2018

Requiem for a Lawnmower

We bought it the year we moved into this house: a Black and Decker battery powered lawn mower. And we loved it. Light, relatively quiet, and never needing to mess with gas. It was getting long in the tooth, though, and had been patched a time or two. Today, as I was trying to finish up the front yard it quite literally came to pieces on me. I figured I'd just run to town and pick up the same mower again, since I had two nice batteries that enabled us to do both our yard and Dave's on the same day if we want.

No go. No longer made. Of course. And the batteries are different. And then I read the reviews of the new Black and Deckers. ACK.

So I ended up with a Greenworks Pro 21 inch deck and 60v. Got it home and Cindi and I got it up and running. I set out to finish what I had started and immediately noted the huge difference. The bigger deck, the lighter battery, I was just zipping along and finishing up faster. I did have to stop as the partially charged battery had to be recharged; I'm eager to see how far it will go with a single full charge.

I still like the IDEA of the quiet reel mower; but when you're “blessed” with Bermuda grass all over the place... the Greenworks Pro is a lot less stressful. So farewell, Black and Decker. You served us well for nearly seven seasons.

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