08 September 2018

What a great Staycation

So many things I wanted to attend to, and I think I crossed every single one of them off the list:

Oil change
Order wood, restack pile with older stuff toward the house.
Clean garage
Car wash and vacuum
Clean grout in kitchen floor and in front of fireplace
Setup appointment to have chimney sweep come
Keep up exercise routine
Go through clothes and weed again
Mow the yard (and incidentally replaced the mower - THAT was not on the list!)
Find new primary care physician and set up appointment (our old one retired; how rude!)
Vacuum the pool thoroughly
Do a couple of personal writing projects
Simplifying kitchen cabinets and fridge
Out for a nice lunch one day with Cindi
Thoroughly clean the family room and home office
Put stabilizer in gas for the Generator
Recharge battery backup for car

All done with plenty of time for sunning in the pool, walking and even a game or two of that stupid liverpool. I think we're ready for fall and what invariably follows...

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