03 September 2018

They call it labor day for a reason!

So we set off to work today. We got up our usual 6 and had coffee and prayers, did a stroll around the neighborhood, and then tackled the garage. Threw things away left and right. Swept and straightened and even washed down some doors. We came in and had a bit more coffee and then decided we needed a bike ride. Down to Maple and back, not too far. About 10 miles round trip from the house, and such a beautiful day. This is our favorite stretch: 

Put some stuff up for sale on FB. Enjoyed an hour siesta in the pool. Then I restacked the wood pile and recovered it (ready to stock up on extra wood this week or next), while Cindi tackled some pruninng on Dave's maple, other yard work and weeding. Some sorting out of clothes and drawers, simplifying bathroom closet and tossing stuff, rearranged fridge and simplified spice cabinet. Cindi did three loads of laundry. Then Cindi dusted bedrooms while I tackled the family room / home office, vacuuming, dusting, and doing wood floor. So it was a most productive day of labor. And no, we still didn't get it all crossed off our list... But tomorrow is another day.


Scott said...

No offense but if that is your favorite path, you need to get out more. Madison county is full of beautiful trails.

William Weedon said...

Just the favorite patch on that particular trail. The one down by you wins hands down. Unfortunately you have to ride that bit on Jerusalem.