24 June 2019

The day couldn’t have been more perfect

Weather-wise, that is, after all the rain this weekend. I was able to get out over lunch hour and do my 300 push-ups, then ran sprints. By the time I was done I'd gotten my 15K steps for the day. When I got home, it was so inviting out that pumped up the bike tires and headed down to the store to pick up some cheese. I came home and looked outside again and it was too enticing. Back in the saddle and up the bike trail to the swamp, north of Worden. There was a steady west wind the whole way (so it blew across me both ways), bright blue skies and white puffs of cloud. I got to see a blue bird, several cardinals, some queen anne's lace, some blooming honeysuckle and some flowers I couldn't identify. About an hour's ride all told. Perfect way to cap off the day. Now I have the windows open and the wind is still blowing nicely through the house.


Larry Luder said...

300 push-ups during the lunch hour, wow really? Anyway, sounds like you was energized and had an awesome day.

William Weedon said...

That’s my usual Monday-Saturday, Larry. Sounds like a lot, but in 12 sets of 25, it’s not that bad at all.