26 November 2005

Advent Carol

Drop down, Dew! O gracious heaven.
Let the sky rain down the just.
Let the earth bud forth the Saviour.
In Thy promise, Lord, we trust.
Thus the Patriarchs were crying
While the world in bondage sighing,
Sought in vain for Heaven's gate,
Closed by sin and Satan's hate.

God the Father in His mercy
Planned to save our fallen race,
Whilst the burden of our sinning,
God the Son deigned to embrace.
God the Spirit gave His token
Through the Virgin who had spoken:
Lo, Thy handmaid, Lord, hath heard;
Work in me Thy wondrous Word!

Then the Son took man's frail nature,
Was made flesh and dwelt on earth.
Light and life with grace abundant
He bestowed of priceless worth.
Earth, rejoice! Exult with gladness!
A new Sun dispels all sadness!
Let us then our voices raise!
Let us sing our Saviour's praise!

(Wish I could remember who wrote this Advent Carol; we sang it in Pro Musica Sacra at St. Louis seminary in the 1980's. It's a winner!)

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