21 November 2005

Patristic Quote for the Day

"The soul, having obtained union with the Word, descended into hell; but, using its divine power and efficacy, it said to the ones in bondage, 'Go forth!'" - Cyril, De Recta Fide ad Theodosium

[Note that this quote, referring to the rescue of the Patriarchs and OT believers from Hades at Christ's Descent into Hell, is specifically cited in the Catalog of Testimonies that was appended to the Lutheran Book of Concord. Dr. Luther speaks the same way in his famous sermon on the Descent: "Our Lord Jesus Christ did descend into hell, battered hell open, overcame the devil, and *delivered those who were held captive by the devil.*" (HP I:480) and "Christ has crushed hell, opened up heaven, bound and taken captive the devil, *and delivered the prisoners.*"]

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