30 November 2005

Blessed St. Andrew's Day!

I always love it when East and West agree, and East and West do agree that November 30th is the day set aside to commemorate St. Andrew. He's a special saint to me because it was at the Lutheran Church of Saint Andrew in Wheaton, MD that I was first baptized into the faith, confirmed, and given our Lord's body and blood. It was long years after I was a pastor that I realized that everywhere I served, I tried to "recreate" the St. Andrew experience - it was a fabulous parish, rich in music and with some outstanding preaching and teaching of the Gospel.

But back to St. Andrew the person, a tidbit from East and from West:

(Eastern Kontakion): Let us praise for his courage ANDREW the Theologian, first Apostle of the Savior and brother of Peter, for in like manner as he drew his brother to Christ, he is crying out to us: "Come, for we have found the One the world desires!"

(Western Post-communion prayer) We beseech thee, O Lord, that thy heavenly mysteries, which we have joyfully received on this festival of blessed Andrew thine apostle may effectually avail for the glory of thy saints and likewise for the forgiveness of our sins. Through Jesus Christ, thy Son, our Lord.

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