13 November 2005

Blessed Holy Sausages Day!

Today just happens to be, according to the local use, the Feast of the Holy Sausages. Fried in generous amounts of grease, served with saurkraut, potatoes, gravy, horseradish, bread, applesauce, and cranberry sauce, wrapping up with a desert of your choice and a steaming cup of hot coffee. Sigh. Life is good.

Piepkorn reminds us that "the Kingdom of God does not consist in buying one another's pies." Too true. But there are some pies that come close - and my wife knows how to make them!

It is beautiful to see how so many from the parish come out and lend a helping hand to put this thing on each year.

Now, if these Germans would just learn the use of hot pepper flakes in their sausage-making, we'd be getting somewhere.

Feet are tired (I served the first shift 11:30-3:00) and I think I'm going to go put them up. Patristic quote of the day will have to wait for tomorrow.

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