15 December 2005

Just so you know...

...this papa is very happy! His little girl just got home from Seward and will be here for THREE weeks. Yippee!!!


Rosko said...

Hi, Fr Weedon. Harry Reineke here. Over at my blog (http://blog.higherthings.org/kd5tmu) I tagged you to give 5 little known facts about you. It's a game going around the blog world, and I thought you might want it, so TAG, YOU'RE IT!

William Weedon said...

Okay, Harry. Here you go:

1. My insides are reversed from my stomach on down.
2. My first car was a Chrysler New Yorker 1977.
3. I sometimes sit at the piano and hammer out some Keith Green or Second Chapter of Acts.
4. I have a pierced ear and wear an earring sometimes.
5. I have a bodaciously big and ugly scar that runs down my stomach and makes my belly-button be seriously off-center.

Now I am supposed to tag someone, eh? Well, has anyone taged McCain yet? If not, I'm tagging the cyber-brethren dude.