02 December 2005

Patristic Quote for the Day

I bow down to Thee, O Master;
I bless Thee, O Good One;
I beseech Thee, O Holy One;
I fall down before Thee, O Lover of Mankind;
and I glorify Thee, O Christ;
For Thou, O Only-begotten Master of all,
O Only Sinless One,
was for the sake of me,
an unworthy sinner,
given up to death on the cross
in order to free the soul of a sinner
from the bondage of sin.

And how shall I repay Thee, O Master?
Glory to Thee, O Lover of Mankind!
Glory to Thee, O Merciful One!
Glory to Thee, O Longsuffering One!
Glory to Thee, who forgivest every fall!
- A Spiritual Psalter #2, St. Ephrem the Syrian

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