29 December 2005

Patristic Quote for the Day

If He who comes from the uncircumscribable Father is uncircumsribable, then obviously He who comes from a circumscribed mother is circumscribed - unless we are to understand that the begetting is true but theh birth false. But if both are true of the one Christ, the He has also acquired the properties of both origins, and is uncircumscribable and circumscribed. - St. Theodore the Studite, *On the Holy Icons* Third Refutation, Par. 39


Chaz said...

I read Theodore the Studite before I read the Damascene. Now that I've read John, I can't really go back to Theodore.

It's like starting with Polycarp and then reading John. ;-)

William Weedon said...

If you read more of Polycarp and Ignatius, then your read of John wouldn't be so individualistic. ;)

Chaz said...

There's more of Ignatius and Polycarp than:

Everything they've written that has endured to the modern world.



William Weedon said...

You should know your Walther better than that: not many, but much!