08 February 2006

Aren't blogs fun?

I've been thinking lately about how GREAT it is that conversations can happen as they do on blogs. People who are miles separated - many of whom have never even physically met - are able to talk, to learn, to share, and to grow. Praise be to God for THIS use of the internet!

And the blogs just keep on coming! Fr. Fenton's began this week (referenced below). Salvatore (who, by the way, is even MORE hyper than I am - it's always a comfort to know Sal exists!!!!) shared HIS blog with me this week, with numerous goodies from Luther:


and now my friend Cheryl (who has a most unusual way of looking at things, inviting us to see things from an angle we have missed before) has posted a blog with some beautiful (and to some, provocative) thoughts about the saints in heaven:


Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him forever!

1 comment:

cheryl said...

Wow, Thanks!

I visited both blogs today, they look really wonderful. I'm especially glad, that I will have access to more of Fr Fenton's writings/opinions ect. I really admire him.

And "Wartburg Speaks" is just cool. :)