23 February 2006

Beautiful gift

I was given yesterday the most wonderful gift. It was a prayer in calligraphy that simply gets at the very heart of it all:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner,
For you are merciful and love your whole creation. Lord have mercy!
Now and ever and unto ages of ages.
God is love.

The way it is designed the "God is love" is right at the heart and center of the concentric circles of writing.

It is drop dead beautiful and right at the heart of it all. Thanks, Laura!!!!

Here's the pic:


Anonymous said...

Hey, that is way cool!
Nice gift.

Ronnie said...

Deacon Weedon,

This lovely gift which you have shared reminds me of one of the "prayer wheels" used by the Missionary Lutherans of the New Harvest, a now-defunct group of tribal missionairies working in the bush of New Zealand. They used to hand them out at carnivals and other community gatherings. You could spin them and they would land on different Bible verses, all relating to the theme of the current carnival or community gathering.

Mimi said...

That is beautiful.

What would you say the awareness or use of the Jesus Prayer is in Protestant circles? It's neat (and unexpected) to see it used in this way (abiet with an appendage at the end) .

Wartburg said...

Dear Pastor Weedon,
Where have you been "on blog"? Hope all is well. I have'nt seen daily postings in a few days and I was concerned. Please check my BLOG out (2-24-06), I think there is a "connection" with your picture post. Too, I e-mailed you on Sunday,
Again, Hope all is well.

William Weedon said...


I didn't get your email from Sunday! Send it again, my friend. All is well with us - just suffered through a District Convention (made up of 5/6 wasted time and 1/6 important discussion and debate).