28 February 2006

GRRR! Tagged again!

Father Petersen has tagged me with an different one: the "oddest" thing in my office.

Well, I like Petersen's thought: surely the man sitting at the desk!

But ASIDE from him...

two things that are unusual:

a tumbleweed that sits above the iMac. Picked it up in Montana visiting my brother a number of years ago. It reminds me of the Holy Virgin - of whom the burning bush of Moses was a type (and an icon of her as the antitype of the burning bush sits right above the tumbleweed).

two bricks. They came from England to the royal Colony of Virginia with Governor Spotswood as the ballast in his ship, and they were formed into the plantation house in which my family lived just outside Richardsville, Virginia, until the damned Yanks burned it down (even as it was being used as a hospital) during the Utterly Unwarranted War of Northern Aggression.

Okay: I'll tag Juhl (http://fatherdmj.livejournal.com/) and McCain (http://cyberbrethren.typepad.com/cyberbrethren/)


Chaz said...

The reason I wouldn't have put down the brick is because it is not "odd." It is, rather, cool.

Anonymous said...

Perpective is everything: in jolly old England where Gov. Spotswood came from, we're all of us 'damned Yanks', North and South.