08 February 2006

The Majesty of Christ

The Church of Christ is the majesty of Christ - His blessed, holy Church, the fruit of His labors, the crown of His abasement, the work of His hands, the flowering from His blood. Blessed is the name of His Church itself, holy and giving salvation. His Church will be brought to its fullness; it is His work, His glory, encompassing the whole world. With the words 'for ever and unto the ages of ages,' the prophet speaks of the deathlessness of the work of Christ, that is, His Church. It is built in time, and will be revealed in eternity. It will be built till the end of time, and be revealed whole and complete in eternity. - St. Nicholas Velimirovich, The Prologue from Ochrid


Bob said...

This reminds me of a quote from the famous Scaninavian mystic vagabond Oskar Vloriskonovichiniski, who said:

"There is no rock greater than he who is the mountain".

Wartburg said...

Pastor Weedon,
Greetings to you this evening. I really like these words you have put down for us tonight. I have a really powerful Brother Martin quote:"The tree of life makes alive through the potency of the Word of Him who gives the promise and ordains it so; the tree of the knowledge of good and evil kills through the potency of the Word of Him who issues the prohibition.".
Hope all is well