04 April 2007

Good Thought

"First God must be adored, and only then, incidental to God's adoration, will man be edified or built up, in turn." This is from the outstanding little volume by Ernst Koenker: Worship in Word and Sacrament, p. 15. First stumbled across it in the Coop - the old bookstore of Concordia College in Bronxville. I am rereading it this week and rediscovering it's beautiful insights. Amazing to look at a work like this on the other side of LSB, if you will. To see where we've come from and how we got there. Anywho, he picks up the same thought again on p. 16: "On the other hand, where men glorify and return thanks to God for His great mercy, they will gradually and imperceptibly be changed and edified in return. They will be edified by man's noblest work, the adoration of God."

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David Clapper said...

I picked up Koenker's book in the early 90's at the CTS-FW bookstore ... they had "reprinted" it on letter-size paper. Maybe they still have it in that form.

Also, thanks for your references to "The Pilgrim". I found a copy on abebooks.com and am hoping to receive it in a week or so.