12 April 2007

Look Who's 47!

Yup. Today's the day. Cind is 47 years old. We've been friends for the last 35 years and married for almost 25 of them. Hard to believe in so many ways. Happy birthday, my love! I will never be able to thank God enough for the gift of you - your love, your friendship, your forgiveness...and your COOKING! (Hey, you've come a long way from when we used to skip class in high school to go to your house and you make the only thing you knew how to cook: grilled cheese sandwiches!!!) Oh, and speaking of high school, do you remember when we used to pop the trunk of your car and sit in it, playing the guitar and singing??? For all the music across the years - that's another thing I have to thank God for about you.


DebD said...

Happy Birthday to my older sister :)

I also remember you guys arguing in the basement trying to tutor Cindi in math... I know you say it never happened... but my earliest memory of you is... "Who is that spazz in the basement getting all annoyed at Cindi over math?" It was pretty funny. You were pacing back then too.

Anonymous said...

Please pass a joyous birthday wish on to Cindi from Laura and I!


Stoleman said...

Happy Birthday from Lake Gaston!!

Darian L. Hybl

Anonymous said...

first off...how come YOU were allowed to skip class and I wasn't. Thats not fair. and secondly...according to Aunt Debbie...you paced then. hmmm wonder where I got that from. and thirdly you and mom were totally hippies...Dean and I were talking about it and getting a visual image and laughing...this is where the part of "what music did you listen to when you were my age" question came in!

William Weedon said...

For your first off, well, we didn't quite skip classes the same way. I am not sure HOW your mom did it, but I did it by asking the teacher if I could go with Cindi to her house. He said "sure." Nice, Mr. Peters. He knew I was going to get an A in his class and I didn't need to listen to the lecture. : )