15 April 2007

Low Sunday

What on earth would this day be like without singing together: "O sons and daughters"? The cantor, that was Cindi this morning, sang the even verses and Diane Schrader played the most lovely accompaniment for them. Then the congregation sang the odd verses. I confess, singing that is the high point of the liturgy for me on this day. It's the gospel in song!

During the Great 50 Days, we receive the Eucharist standing and we kneel for nothing. Also after the Divine Services of Easter week, the Alleluia is doubled and the gradual drops out. The Church's Easter joy, far from being diminished, only grows.

This is the first Sunday that we could really enjoy a bit of a "summer Sunday" if you will. Nothing pressing until this evening. I've spent it napping, catching up on some reading (more of Koenker and a Gerhard sermon for next week), and listening to my Holy Week treat to myself: A download of Bach's Mass in B Minor.

How glorious. The more I listen to it, the more I am drawn to it. The explosion of trumpets at the Gloria is a favorite. But also the Sanctus and Hosanna. The Kyrie, of course, is beyond compare. Shoot, the whole thing is as though heaven left a window open and we got to catch the eternal music surrounding the throne of the Lamb.


Paul Gregory Alms said...

I do so love that hymn!

Anonymous said...

We too sang this hymn this morning, but it was "only" a communion hymn and not the de tempore hymn.

"These things did Thomas count as Real" unfortunately was today's Hymn of the Day. Not a bad hymn, it just quite isn't in the same league as "O Sons and Daughters".


Stoleman said...

Pastor Weedon,

I was reminded this evening of a story about Bach being in such demand for not only his music, but his skill of building/fixing organs!!!

May we not forget the importance of his work to glorify His Work!!

Darian L. Hybl