17 April 2008

Day's End

Hospital call in south county early this a.m. for Kathy, who came through with flying colors. Sang Matins in the van on the way down . How much of an idiot must a person look like who is singing and praying as they drive down the highway! Home late for a bite of lunch, and then taking the Sacrament to Carl and Rich and visiting a bit with each. Emails piled up in the meantime to read and write. A pretty day beckoning for a walk - so Cindi and I walked down to Ray and Arline's and home again. A quick and easy dinner (hotdogs! I love them, wrapped in Provolone. Don't worry - I supplemented them with some healthy fried mozzarella sticks!). Enjoying some coffee out back at the picnic table, smelling the flowers, and pulling some old growth from last year. Cindi off to choir. Shutting the office door and praying Vespers and BOC reading for the day, and then finally getting to Sunday's sermon. Bible study for Adult class is going to have to wait for Saturday. The rest of the evening belongs to Anne Rice's *The Road to Cana* (thanks, Darcy!).


Anonymous said...

ew I don't like Anne Rice
but I have a serious feeling it's because Lauren was always big into her...and if Lauren likes it I don't...and if I like it Lauren doesn't... unless its chocolate...or peanut butter...or cheese bread...mmmmm
oh and I'm CRAVING some french bread right now...

Ben said...

Hello Pr Weedon:

I'm Catholic and I have a question--You said you took the Sacrament to who I assume are people who cannot make it to liturgy (sick, old etc).

I had always been my understanding that Lutherans believed in the persistence of the Real Presence only so long as the liturgy was being done, and that afterwards there was no Real Presence to reserve or adore. Your comments about bringing the Sacrament to someone outside the liturgy makes me think I am mistaken.

What is your understanding of the Real Presence outside of the liturgy?



elephantschild said...

Do post a quick review of Road To Cana when you're done with it. I read it expecting to hate it (knowing Anne Rice's past antagonism towards the Church) but ended up liking it.

Would be interested to hear what other thought of the book.