16 April 2008

From the Big State of Texas

Issues, Etc. Honored


Jim Woelmer said...

Thank you, Bill, for posting this. We will be sending to the Wilken/Swarz Fund over $5,500. So, you can soon add this to the total.

Jim Woelmer

Anonymous said...

You might consider using this link instead - I've had some problems with the previous link...


Amy S. Crawford
Faith Lutheran Church
Plano, Texas

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

"The Big State of Texas"? You ain't no Texan, that's fer sure!


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Have to agree with A.T. on this one. It's the Great State of Texas, according to Houstonians.

Lieutenant Conspicuous said...

KFUO’s Sharathon begins today.

David Strand will portray every dollar given to KFUO as a vote in favor of his decision to cancel Issues, Etc.