14 April 2008

First Pics from IC Today

Thanks to Diane!

You know, someone made a GREAT comment to me today (and I can't remember who it was!): it takes a LOT to get a bunch of LUTHERANS to get together holding signs. I mean, if those who know us well stop to think about it - Lutherans tend to be the most "un-get-work-up-able" folks around! Amazing....

More Pics

And More Pics


Lutheran Lucciola said...

Hey, this was great! Nice showing.

Signs, smiles, and coffee.

Pictures of the Brat Fest?

Past Elder said...

What I wanna know is -- who's the greybeard next to you in one of Pastor B's pix? Could be my older/younger brother if not myself!

William Weedon said...

Lucciola, no pics of the bratfest yet that I've seen. I'll post some if I get sent any.

Terry, that's Pr. Baue, the author of the hymn "What is this bread" and the player of classical guitar (which accompanied the psalm singing at Evening Prayer). He's a good man and a pastor in Southern Illinois.

Past Elder said...

That's interesting! Thanks.

I have a longer face, so it isn't like spittin' image or anything, but enough resemblance to make me thing "I know I was there in spirit but this is something else, and in a collar too!"

My dad's family was from Southern Illinois, Beardstown to be exact. Grandad was a fallen away RC who met a Methodist girl (grandma) and the kids were raised Methodist, well before that meant anything like the UMC now. They were kind of emergent themselves, without the term, then the pastor got to reading Daniel and figured out when the end of the world was going to be, got everyone to-gether for the event, and when it didn't happen Dad never bothered with church again until he met mom, who was RC, and he converted in 1941. So I kind of resonate with your statement that it really IS my grandfather's synod, with the revivalistic trappings of the day updated and a little more high tech Of their four kids, one other married an RC and converted and the other two "transitioned" into the UMC, the one never having kids and the other's kid (my cousin) married RC, now divorced and mostly listening to Robert Schuller. Not a Lutheran in the bunch except me and now the boys!