16 April 2008

Spring Memories

So what ARE your favorite Spring memories? I think one that stands out for me was sometime in high school after I learned to drive. I remember on one spring evening driving down Connecticut Avenue into the District (probably headed to T.A.G.) and the sunlight filtering through the new leaves that arched the Avenue as I drove my father's brand-spanking-new Chrysler New Yorker. It was beautiful and I can see it like it was yesterday, but it must have been 31 years ago or so. What memories stand out for you?


Anonymous said...

The sudden realization that the April evening was lasting longer than evenings had lasted for awhile, and that we could get the lawn mowing finished, dinner eaten, and still have light enough to gather wood and lay a bonfire by the lake. Then we fished till midnight and told tall tales.

Jeremy said...

Cutting class at River Forest to go to Cubs games (with my Cardinals hat on), opening the windows in my dorm room and smelling the lilacs around the computer lab at Addison Hall, taking walks with my fiancee (now wife) through Marysville, OH and stopping for ice cream, and now seeing the pure glee on my son's face as we blow bubbles and he chases them.