31 January 2010

A Day of Blessings

First, Zach and his girlfriend and mom showed up at St. Paul's - sweet!

Then, Pastor Hal Senkbeil joined us for the late service - sweet!

Then, Pastor Senkbeil joined us for a post-service breakfast - sweet!

Then, I got to hear Pastor Senkbeil hold forth to the SID (and assorted St. Louis) pastors and elders - double sweet!

THEN, Pr. Fritz Baue joined us for our Catechism service, and he agreed to share some thoughts with us on Baptism - and that was triple sweet!

Now I'm enjoying a mug of beer and thinking what a blessed day it has been...

P.S. Aside from the "spiritual" blessings, I also got to hold my dear god-daughter Sophia for a few minutes...she and her sister were drinking beer over at the parsonage during Pastor Senkbeil's presentation... Ask her mommy!

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