15 June 2010

A Beautiful Hymn and Prayer

Lord, to You I make confession;
I have sinned and gone astray,
I have multiplied transgression,
Chosen for myself my way.
Led by You to see my errors,
Lord, I tremble at Your terrors.

Yet, though conscience' voice appall me,
Father, I will seek Your face;
Though Your child I dare not call me,
Yet receive me in Your grace.
Do not for my sins forsake me;
Let Your wrath not overtake me.

For Your Son has suffered for me,
Giv'n Himself to rescue me,
Died to save me and restore me,
Reconciled and set me free.
Jesus' cross alone can vanquish
These dark fears and soothe this anguish.

Lord, on You I cast my burden --
Sink it in the deepest sea!
Let me know Your gracious pardon,
Cleanse me from iniquity.
Let Your Spirit leave me never;
Make me only Yours forever.

Hymn of the Day for Trinity 3 - LSB 608


Becky said...

Thanks. I needed this today.

Becky said...

...and every other day (but feeling like I especially needed this today). Thanks again.

Matt Carver (Matthaeus Glyptes) said...

Good one! This song has a nice spooky sound that makes it worth the time to learn to play it on the piano with both hands! :)

Philip Hoppe said...

That last verse has a great tie in to the Gerasene Demoniac, doesn't it? Throw my burden (sin) in with those unclean spirits and pigs. Nice.