29 June 2010

If the recent Jesus First Mailing

dismayed you in its attacks upon our fine LCMS World Relief/Human Care, I would urge you to take the time to read this.  So much for the gross distortion and misinformation provided, eh?  I'm thankful that the board chair requested this utterly clarifying response.


Anonymous said...

"And a dispute arose among them as to which of them should be considered the greatest." Luke 2:24

So much for putting Jesus first.

Tom Fast

J.G.F. said...

I have a long-standing tradition of not reading ANY pre-convention spam-- be it online or in the mail. It all gets "filed" without opening. And that goes for both "sides" of the Synodical spectrum.

Their supposed helpfulness and suggestions always have their slant worked in whether tilting right or left. In my opinion, almost all of the mailings are right on the edge of breaking the 8th Commandment, as this Jesus First article demonstrates.

I'm dismayed at the lack of trust some of these groups have in the guidance of the Holy Spirit-- after all, it's the Lord's church, not ours.

Sending this material out also is patronizing toward delegates in that somehow "they" assume that "we" don't know what is going on. Shame on them. I think most delegates do their homework and know the score without their "help".

I will say that the material Matt has sent out(his book, and the "Decade of Mercy", etc) is all WONDERFUL stuff. Nothing political about it. It doesn't "put down" the other guy(s). He truly puts "Jesus First" in the right way.

OK... rant is done. Back to the shredder while I run my defrag program and clean out my trash bin.

jim said...

To quote Mr Edson:
"In Jesus First Delegate Letter No. 9, the numbers have actually been twisted and turned in such a way that they no longer tell the truth. We will give them the benefit of the doubt that their raw numbers are correct, but their understanding and therefore their interpretation of the numbers is in error.

I will make a promise to the author of that article: I won’t try to preach if he doesn’t try to do accounting!"


Jim said...

Wow, 24.9 percent for overhead. I don't at all doubt that that's consistent with accountability standards for charities, but that's a higher percentage of what's donated than I thought it would be.