15 June 2010

I love

thunderstorms and the sound of the rain coming down....

just not every single day.  Glad Cin and I stole 35 or so minutes in the pool while the sun was still shining.


Anonymous said...

I like rain at night.
Not only is it a lullaby then,
but it may stop to let me drive to work in the morning.


William Weedon said...


I love rain at night - that's my favorite way to fall asleep: thunder and rain. And I also DETEST driving in rain.

Father Robert Lyons said...

Driving back from Iowa on Sunday on I-80 and I-74, we encountered a virtual monsoon. We pulled out of Cedar Rapids around 11:30 Eastern just as the rain got started. We wound up driving in near rain-out conditions with blinkers on for at least 3 hours of the trip. I don't think I switched on the cruise control until we got into Indiana!