01 October 2012

Funeral Thoughts

...Pr. Gleason did a beautiful job today bringing comfort from God's Word to hurting souls...Seeing the triplets bid their farewell brought back sharply to Cindi and to me memories of my three nieces saying their untimely farewells to my brother...A blend of successes and failures: seeing families that I managed to bring comfort to and families I utterly failed to comfort at all. God forgive!...Hearing about Ryton's thoughts and my heart falling right out, how can a child bear such thoughts? Strengthen your little tousled head angel, O Lord to bear what he must bear–he is destined to be one of Your pain-bearers...Wishing someway to take hold of Amy and Bill's pain and take it away...Mike, words fail. I cannot even begin to imagine...Thank you, Lord, for each day you have given to Cindi and me. May we never take a one of them for granted!...Thanksgiving that Bill's mom and his Uncle and Aunt didn't have to bear this sorrow...Prayers for healing for all the family: for Mike and the triplets, Billie, Julie, Amy and Bill, and Mike's mom and dad..."Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." Thank you, Pr Messer.

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