13 October 2012


Cindi had her concert with the Collinsville Chorale last night - their broadway concert. That is never my favorite of their concerts, but this time the music was more to my liking and it was a good evening. Cindi did a nice job with her solo and small group work.

When we got back home, some friends dropped in for wine and cheese. When we heard whooping from Bekah's room we decided we'd best watch the rest of the Card's amazing comeback. It was hard to settle down and go to sleep after that!

Today I was a bit dismayed when we got an early rain shower, but the sun finally peeped out enough to dry the grass and I was still able to get both lawns mowed and weed-wacked. Also swept the driveways, vacuumed the garage, filled the bird feeders and the bird bath (why, I'm not sure. Supposed to rain again tonight).

A pot of coffee is just finishing brewing. Life is good. I love Saturdays.

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