20 October 2012

Well, mate...

...here are two sites from Down Under that are sure to bless your socks off. Enjoy!

The work of our beloved Dr. Kleinig.

Liturgical goodies from the Lutheran Church of Australia.


Jesse said...

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask my question, but I've always wondered about the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) being both an associate member of the International Lutheran Council and Lutheran World Federation.

Is there a particular group that the LCA tends to side with doctrinally?

Obviously you have confessional people in there like Kleinig, but I don't know if he is representative of the entire LCA.

Thank you.

William Weedon said...


Yes, they have all the tensions inherent in that ambiguous position. At least thus far I think Dr. Kleinig represents the majority. Thus far.

Let's keep ALL the Churches of the Augsburg Confession throughout the world (including our own!) in our prayers for faithfulness to the Church's confession.

Mark said...

I really appreciate the fact that the LCA has made so many worship materials available online. It's a site I check regularly. So good.

Tapani Simojoki said...

The ambivalent (rather than ambiguous) position of the LCA has to do with its history: it was formed by the union of two Lutheran church bodies. One was in the LWF (and had Dr. Sasse among its teachers), the other friendly with the LC-MS. When they united in the 1960s, both sets of ties were cut to make the union possible. To my knowledge, the LCA has made official altar and pulpit fellowship agreements with very few churches since then.

As for that treasure trove of liturgical resources, which I, too, shared recently: I know Paul McCain won't like me for saying this, but this is the churchly way to treat the liturgy. It is by the church and for the church. Not to be fenced about and protected from use, or sold, or locked into very expensive software.

[And yes, I do live by that principle and give away stuff free.]