24 October 2012

How to make a beagle happy?

Do her regular half-hour walk twice! After a tasty dinner of eggplant parmesan and fried apples, Cindi and I put her harness and leash on and headed out. It was the perfect evening for it. The sun was just beginning to set, the sky was stunning. Cirrus clouds looked like feathers that had been dipped in orange and red. And Lucy wasn't really walking tonight. She was prancing. For a bonus on the final round? She got to see a rabbit. Which means, of course, that she had to be DRAGGED home the rest of the way. No prancing then. Now she's completely worn out and snuggling in her bed beside the fireplace. And we enjoyed an hour's walk and conversation as we watched the hound having a jolly good time.

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Helen said...

I have tried 10 times to leave a comment so once more. Can't may the CAPTA thing happy.

Enjoy reading your comments very much, a lift for the spirits!