01 January 2013

Blessed Feast of the Lord's Circumcision!

And that also means, of course, a happy civil new year to one and all!  We are enjoying a joyous Christmas time. Some highlights:

* The RAMP. Right before Christmas, Cindi decided to order a portable ramp and it works like a charm. Now Jo can zoom right into the house on her hoveround! It's absolutely great.

* Our usual Christmas gathering between the Children's and the Midnight service on Christmas Eve.

* Christmas Brunch with Russell, Sandy, Jo and Dave, Bekah and Shawn, David and Meaghan - Cindi fried up some country ham and made a variety of other yummies for the occasion.

* Lauren, Dean and Sawyer pulled into the Herberts early on St. Stephen's Day. We got LOTS of good snuggling time in with the most handsome grandson in all the world, and as usual, Lauren brought us all lots of laughter and joy with her six year old mentality.

* Holy Innocents brought us our family Christmas dinner. It was almost perfect in every way. Only sad thing: Jo started to feel sick and had to leave before we sat down to eat. But we squeezed around the table and enjoyed a candle light meal with the snow gently falling right outside the sliding doors: Aunt Sandy and Opa, Dean and Lauren and Sawyer, David and Meaghan, Shawn and Rebekah, Cindi and me. Cindi served up a smoked turkey, rolls (Lauren begged and pleaded), baked taters (sweet or regular, your choice), broccoli and garlicky green beans, sweet potato brownies (unbelievable, but good!), apple crisp, and assorted home made chocolate truffles. We opened gifts and sang some carols, and yours truly fell asleep on the couch (and then the children did all kinds of facebook mischief with my phone!).

* Snow fell again on New Year's Eve. It was a busy day: got our water heater repaired, wood delivered, shopping done, and Cindi and I enjoyed a lunch out at 54th Street, home to fix things for the evening. The family trooped off to New Year's Eve Divine Service, and then folks began arriving for the New Year's Eve party. As is usual pinochle and liverpool broke out and lots of laughter. Only downer was our farewell to the Herberts. They headed out to get Sawyer to bed and to prepare for the long journey home this morning (God speed their way!).

* Looking ahead: Tomorrow we begin our Catechism series again at the Chapel; and then Thursday through Saturday the Campus Ministry Conference (Unwrapped) at the St. Xavier College Church of St. Louis University. The Daily Office in that beautiful space with those lively young people belting out the Church's song. Can't wait!

Some pics:

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