21 January 2013

What a great three-day weekend!

Friday night we ended up playing Pinochle. Don't ask. It was ugly. But we had lots of fun and laughter with Crys and Scott DESPITE the way things turned out.

Saturday was a lazy day. After a late breakfast, we played cards with Dave and Jo, then Jo, Cindi, Bek and I walked the dog in the afternoon. It was unseasonably warm!  In the afternoon, Cindi and I watched The Lincoln Lawyer (I'm a big Connelly fan) and then after dinner headed out to bowl. We won all three games. Don't ask me how! Was great to see Becky Holle.

Sunday we enjoyed the bright feast of the Transfiguration, singing with the choir at both liturgies, and came home and fulfilled the Sabbath - we did nada. A little snooze here or there. Some time loving on the cat and the dog. That was about it.

Cindi had to work this a.m., so I made breakfast and after she went to work decided to give the kitchen a thorough cleaning. I even tried cleaning the door to the deck, but found out that that doesn't work so well on the outer side when the temp is in the low 20s! Oops. Bekah asked me to make a fire, and so we had that ready by the time Cindi came home. I took the dog for a walk after Cindi helped Jo with a shower, and then we warmed up beside the fire with some primal cocoa (another Mark Sisson special!). Jo and Dave came over and we set up the card table in the living room right in front of the fireplace and played some liverpool. I'm happy to report that yours truly won. Then we had dinner together (and Bekah was home by then). Two more rounds of liverpool. One went to Cindi and one, can you even believe this, when to JO. Grr. She really should have let Dave win, don't you think?

The fire is still burning, but low and hot. Tomorrow another week begins and we're refreshed and ready for it. What a beautiful thing the Lord God thought up in the alternation of work and rest. Enough of one and you're eager to be off to the other. And excited to think of Hymnwriters this coming weekend and seeing old friend Joe Herl and John Fleischmann among many others...

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