20 January 2013

'Twas a Joyous Feast of the Transfiguration

today (falls today in the one-year series). I could sing "O Wondrous Type" every single day—a winner in both text and tune. Pastor Ball preached a most comforting homily on "Fear Not" (I'd have liked to pick up a copy but he said he experienced "technical difficulties" - HA! That machine KNOWS when it is a pastor standing in front of it instead of Joanie - Joanie it fears, the pastors it mocks). Carlo gave us a stunning Bach prelude and fugue in d minor. Choir got to sing a Ralph Schultz setting of "God of Grace." Sweetest of all, our Lord Jesus came to us and touched us in His body and blood with the words: "Fear not!" Gifts abounding for poor sinners and the pledge of our future glorification in Him!

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