16 January 2013

Does anyone else see the shocking irony

in our President's words today as we come to the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade?

"This is our first task as a society – keeping our children safe. It is how we will be judged."

True indeed.


Unknown said...

The great joke of a Constitutional Law Professor again shows how imbecilic he really is. The first task of our society is to ensure that freedoms are preserved to be enjoyed not only by the current generation but by posterity as well. Such is at the heart of the Preamble to the United States Constitution.--Chris

Phil said...

Obama is just like the Sacramentarians in this sense:

It's all in the definition of the terms.

"Children," in this case.

David Garner said...

That was exactly the thought I had as I listened to his speech. The tone deafness was stunning

Scotty said...

Could not agree more with you Pastor Weedon...

Michael L. Anderson, M.D., Ph.D said...

"We will be judged [for the nation's treatment of children]" is as ironical as that bit of high priestly wisdom "It is better for one man to die, than for the entire nation to perish."

Both speakers are as clueless as old Herod, kicking against what he perceived to be the threatening little goads of Ramah; both are callous enough to call down the blood of the innocent, upon their people's heads.

Your (unworthy) servant,
Herr Doktor

123 said...

No one disagrees five years olds are children, many disagree that a five day old or a five month old is the same as a five year old. The latter is not the Christian view on the issue, of course, and I could make practical, demographic reasons why abortion should be tightly controlled at the least. But, that's not a view that is agreed to in much of the country, in current jurisprudence and legislation, and is very hard to 'prove' without appeal to religious beliefs. That's the reality.

Since we cannot get an Amendment passed that would change current law, I wish those on our side would refocus their efforts on making legal abortion as rare as possible rather than tilting at windmills. Comments like the above simply reinforce the prevailing view of the pro-life camp, a view that will not succeed in the foreseeable future (proven by its inability to succeed when it had even more support from the public).

We must acknowledge the fact that neither law nor society recognizes the unborn as children and change the means to our end (no abortions) accordingly.

David Garner said...

Or we could work to win hearts and minds to recognize that the unborn are truly separate, distinct and whole human persons, which is my approach.

Your mileage, as always, may vary.