04 January 2014

Christmas II

What a comforting message Pr. Ball brought to us tonight, yet again! Christmas decorations put away, and yet our Christmas joy cannot be destroyed by murderous Herod or any (including our sinful flesh) that would oppose the advent of the King who comes only to serve, to bear sin, to be God in our flesh.

The Weedons from Hamel and from Glen Carbon were in attendance and we had the joy of "What Child Is This," "From East to West," "Let All Together," "O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger Is"and "Lo, How a Rose." The Divine Service (III) was celebrated in all its beauty and a larger than usual congregation gathered on Saturday night in anticipation of the impending storm (though St. Paul's regularly scheduled services will be held tomorrow morning). I love the feast days when the Our Father is sung by the pastor and the congregation responds with the doxology. After liturgy we gathered for a game of Liverpool (that Meaghan rudely won!) and took turns loving on Lydia. Now we'll see what tomorrow brings our way. I've laid the wood in the fireplace ready to light.


Deaconess said...

You have to be fair about the Christmas decorations being put away. It isn't because the Church is rushing; it is because we are worshiping in the school gym and school starts on Monday. As principal, I appreciate the wonderful working together that has resulted because of the fire.

William Weedon said...

Oh, absolutely! I was thinking more about how we put OURS at home away already...

sarahlee880 said...

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