02 January 2014

This-n-that on Latest Weedon fads

So, it's been a long, long time since I posted anything about low-carbing or paleo, so you can skip this or only blame yourself for reading on...

Cindi and I have faithfully continued with Paleo or Primal, but enjoy pushing boundaries on various things. Beginning a couple months ago, we began adding in some resistant starch every day. You can read about that here. Richard is a bit foul mouthed at times (you have been warned!), but I love his honest explorations and reflections on a variety of things. This one has been pretty amazing. Feeding your bugs, not feeding you—that's the heart of resistant starch—and it seems to be almost a miracle for diabetics (both types!). It's super for deep sleeping at night and for generally elevating the mood (Cindi's experienced some drastic improvements on that, and she's a terrible sufferer of SAD).

A couple years back, again following a post of Richard's, I decided to embark on a truly crazy experiment: dropping soap and shampoo! Yup, been over two years and no one notices. "What? You don't bathe?" That's not what I said. I said I don't use soap. I bathe every day. I just use the water. And twice a week, I throw some vinegar on the scalp in the shower and voila, no dandruff. Yes, I still use deodorant, so relax.

I've adopted a fitness routine that I'm really loving. Called SimpleFit. I can actually fit this one into my life. Doesn't replace the walking (which I've found a harder time doing of late), but it does replace Mark Sisson's "Lift Heavy Things." It's so amazingly simple, but you're racing against yourself so it's also lots of fun. I have really loved upping pull ups - never one of my strongest moves!

Still big Dave Ramsey fans. If you haven't taken Financial Peace University, give it a whirl! Great, great stuff.

Still working at limiting digital time. I look around me everywhere and see how we've become slaves to these little NSA spying devises we carry everywhere. So in this New Year, I really want to stick to my earlier plan of basically turning the stuff off (physically off) come supper time and let the evening be for the old fashioned kind of stuff like real books, games, visiting, and of course, back scratches.  I also intend to work on limiting it at work. The tyranny of the immediate destroys so much. Mark Sisson suggested this a while back, and I tried it, but then slipped back into old habits. You allow yourself a window of time in morning and in afternoon to do nothing but deal with email. Then you shut the danged program and don't allow it to constantly interrupt you throughout the day, so you can creatively work on stuff that finally matters.

Sleep has shifted with work. Now I regularly start heading to bed about 8:30 p.m. and hopefully am asleep (after some reading) by nine. Christmas Midnight about killed me! I usually roll out of bed around 5:20 or so. Still am totally loving this for an "alarm." Simply amazing how refreshing to let LIGHT wake you up in the morning. I definitely love the "bouncing off the wall" way I feel when waking up from a full and restful night of sleep. Good sleep is some of the best medicine of all, and the resistant starch has really strengthened that.

And that's enough crazy info for the day, but figured any blog readers who have hung around here for a long time needed to be brought up on the wild and wacky world of Weedon's latest lunacies...


Helen said...

And I resolve to read your posts more faithfully. So informative and inspirational.

Yet...to read everything I'd like, I must devote adequate time on the desktop. I was thinking of getting an i Pad but after reading your post, I decided I might be saddled even more.

I have piles of books and a few publications that have gone unread due to yes, the friendly internet. And then there is Facebook of course.

Happy New Year to you and the family.
Helen from the sunny SW

William Weedon said...

Thank you, Helen! And to you and your family. I confess, that I do love the iPad. It's how I read my novels these days; and Luther's Works; and study the Bible; and prepare for Issues Etc. broadcasts...

Anonymous said...

Great stuff.