12 January 2014

Weekend Wrap

Friday night - 2 games of Liverpool. Cindi won one, I won one, Dave and Bekah...not so much.

Saturday afternoon - 2 games of Liverpool. Cindi won and Dave won.

Saturday night - 7 games of 4-handed pinochle. Scott and I trounced Cindi and Crystal 7 games to 5. Trounced, I said, and meant it. I'm sticking with it.

Sunday afternoon - 1 game of Liverpool (David, Meaghan, Dave, Bekah, Cindi and I played, and Lydia just looked cute). Bekah won.

Sunday evening - 2 games of six-handed Pinchole (I hope!) with Klingers and Van Ulfts. We'll SEE who wins this. Surely, it is the men's turn again.

Making up for lost time on the cards, but it sure was LOTS of fun.

Attended early Divine Service at St. Paul's and then played the Divine Service for Trinity. Two outstanding homilies, and beautiful liturgies. Trinity seems to have developed the tradition of the choir singing this version of "Brightest and Best" - and I confess I like it better than the version in LSB with its chromaticism. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Dave Schumacher said...

I am pleasantly surprised that anyone still plays Pinochle, even more so that they know how to spell it!
I'm betting you've played a game or two of Snooker in your time too?