19 March 2014

Comfort, Comfort Ye My People

Registration is now OPEN for the LCMS's triennial Institute on Liturgy, Preaching and Church Music! You can find out about this great opportunity by clicking here. Who's it for? Pastors, church musicians, any baptized child of God who is passionate about worship! Going to be awesome - be there!

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Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon,
Was so blessed by the "Making the Case for..." conference held last year in Collinsville, and plan on attending this year's conference as well (bringing a friend this time), but not able to attend the "Comfort, Comfort ye..." conference. Will there be recordings available for those of us who can't attend? I'm willing to give the 175 dollar fee for it!
God bless you as you labor to educate the flock on our precious distinctives.