15 March 2014

Crazy but blessed trip...

...Wednesday morning I was supposed to fly out to Chicago early and catch plane to Toronto. The storm kabashed that. So ended up flying to Dallas, catching a bite to eat, and arriving in Canada at quarter to midnight. The snow and ice had hit pretty hard up there, so I was almost late for preaching the Divine Service, but Pr. Saar managed to get us there only a few minutes late. A blessed day with the pastors up there and then a circuit convocation in the evening. Next day a Higher Things retreat - great joy! Meeting Mark Veeneman in the flesh and hearing him give forth some Bach and Buxtehude. Time with Prs. Saar and Reinhard and Lanz and so many others; time meeting more of the Klages clan, and seeing some of Kelly's artwork I'd not seen. Four paintings of the evangists above the altar of St. John's in Mount Forest by Ma Halter!!! Who'd have thunk? Great visit with Pr Saar and Becky. But then breakfast in Toronto this a.m., lunch in NY at LaGuardia, and then dinner in Edwardsville. Wiped. Ready to rest the voice and hope that I can sing the Gounod piece for tomorrow.


David Saar said...

We were blessed to have you come. Thank you so much!

Cindy Dy said...

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