30 March 2014

St. Paul's, Iowa City

Great trip up to Iowa City (trip home was actually just shy of four hours!). Connected with old friends, met lots of new ones and enjoyed magnificent hospitality with the Mons family. And what an absolutely fabulous Divine Service this morning - musical gifts abounding in that congregation, and the liturgy celebrated so reverently and yet enthusiastically by the overwhelmingly young congregation. Was a great joy indeed. I presented on Living Liturgy, and if anyone had any doubts about the liturgy being alive in the Lutheran Church, go and visit this wonderful place.


Kurt Flathers said...

Great to meet you on Saturday afternoon. Wish I could have heard your whole series for the weekend. The Liturgy is alive at St. Paul's and in other congregations of the Iowa District East.
Thanks for sharing with my daughter and the others at the conference.

God's blessings. May the Lord be with you and with your Spirit. :)

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Kurt. Great to meet you in the flesh!