08 January 2015

35 Years

I wanted to write this up back on January 5, but life interfered! January 5 marked the day that Daddy died 35 years ago. A quiet man. One of the WWII great generation. Up at five on workdays and out the door to faithfully provide for his family. Home by around 4:30 or 5. Year in, year out. Mom stayed home and raised us, but I remember many a chilly evening, hanging about outside, waiting for the car to pull up and Daddy to be home. When he was home, all was good.

I went off to Concordia College in Bronxville NY the fall after he passed. I had inherited the car. I remember on cold nights slipping outside and just sitting in it. It still bore some faint lingering scent of him.

35 years seems so very long, Daddy, but I am very thankful to have had you for those first 19 years of my life. May you rest in peace!


Anonymous said...

My father died 1-8-1980. He was born and died in the same state, same parish, same town. Reposed at home in his own bed. He was indeed a rock among us. He was 32 when I was born, and I was 32 when he died, all those years ago.

Anonymous said...

Pops was "da Man" in my life.

He was not college educated nor was he a mathematician, but give him a slide-rule and a sheet of specs, and he did the fine machining on the Veen/Case pieces for NASA.

But he loved Mom, and after my real Dad has deserted us, he was "THE MAN" who taught me to be the same.

He had an angel's voice in Church - full bass, and without the least bit of quiver.

And27 years later - I still miss the long phone calls. He always called me "Rabbi." He was alifelong Catholic, but he took the time to understand why I went LCMS, and gave me his blessing.

Miss you, Pops!

Weeds - Your Dad, as is mine, is among "all the company of Heaven singing the Sanctus with us every Sunday.

Thanks for the the post. Gave me a good visit to the past - which is still the future, properly understood. jb

David said...

Memory Eternal !