30 January 2015

Loving it!

The gym at work, that is. I've known it was there since I started at IC, but come this past Advent I started using it regularly. I finish up Thy Strong Word at noon and head to locker room, change, and instead of lunch most days, spend a half hour on treadmill. Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays I walk. Tuesday and Fridays I run and also lift. It is amazing how that break in the middle of the day energizes me. With the gym at work and the treadmill at home, I get my 30 minutes of walking or running in every single day and on Saturdays I add in my sprints on the bike. If the weather is nice, I can walk outside, but it's great this winter to stay moving. Most Wednesdays and Fridays Cindi and I skip breakfast, so we have nearly a full 24 hour fast twice a week. Anywho, this routine has left me feeling more energized than I have since starting at the International Center. I love it!


Lynne said...

What a wonderful benefit to have a workout facility on site. So many times I think people just don't want to "go somewhere" at the end of the workday....I know I don't!

William Weedon said...

So true, Lynne! Not having to go anywhere makes it that much easier. I wish I had taken advantage of it from the get go!