05 January 2015

New Year Resolutions

My new year's resolutions actually came with the Church's new year and not the civil realm's. I'd slipped a bit from my primal way of living (mostly adjusting to how to fit in it with work) and had added some pounds to show for it. So back to a rather strict primal approach for the month and allowed myself zero alcohol until a planned party on St. Thomas' day. With the treadmill at home and gym at work (as well as at home), no excuse for not getting in my regular walking or running, sprinting and lifting heavy things (though for that am following presently McDuff's Body by Science with its very short and yet painfully intense and slow workouts). Anywho, sometime before Thanksgiving I'd weighed in at 165. The last day of December, weight was 152 (same weight as when I started at IC and started letting my primal life-style slip too much). So very happy. Walking lots, running some, sprinting at least once a week, only a glass or two of vino a day and plenty of days without any, tons more veggies, solid sleep, and feeling great. 

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Unknown said...

I made a Thanksgiving resolution this year, as my New Year's resolutions don't usually work. I resolved to both stop being late for appointments and also to stop being annoyed with other people for being late. So far, it's working!