31 January 2015


You know it's a favorite theme of mine, and tops among first article gifts for which I give thanks to our kind Creator. Cindi and I have been through a pile of different phases and learning when it comes to the eats. We both lost weight with Atkins and were crazy for low-carb for years (as long time readers of the blog will no doubt recall), but gradually the weight crept back up. We found primal and paleo, ditched the grains and other foods and saw some success for a while, but gradually the weight crept back up. We followed the resistant starch stuff with interest, but never really saw it impact weight. Sticking with Sisson has been a good move as he's always learning and growing, together with many in the paleo communities. One podcaster we have really enjoyed is Angelo Coppola. On a podcast a couple weeks ago he told a little of his history with eating and it was amazing how we tracked along the same routes. So where have we landed as of today?

One phrase captures it: whole food. We still don't eat wheat or wheat products (read Wheat Belly!), and in general we don't do grains. But we eat taters and sweet taters, we load up big time on veggies (still trying to push that up even more) and we enjoy our beef from local farmer (thanks, Steve and Dana!), our bacon comes from a butcher shop that processes local animals without one blasted thing added (we salt it ourselves), we splurge on wild caught fish now and again (sockeye salmon is our favorite), canned oysters and such, and (of course!) Shirley's eggs (from chickens you have to shoo out of the way to get to the house!). 

We don't eat packaged almost anything. We haunt the produce section of the store and will often opt for the organic stuff, particularly if the outside is consummed. We use honey for a sweetener if we need one and occasionally maple syrup. We don't use sugar. Our dairy is rather limited, but not really avoided. We certainly eat lots less cheese than we used to. 

I still enjoy a glass (sometimes two) of wine in an evening, but have extended times without it. We enjoy dark chocolate (think 85% or higher!) but only a square of it a day. On very special occasions, Cindi makes a bit of homemade icecream (that honey and maplesyrup do the job!). 

Anywho, feeling great with where we've landed. We're thinking about Angelo's idea of no added fats (gulp, but I LOVE Kerrygold...) and his advice to dump all supplements (appeals to the Dave Ramsey in us). This a.m. I was happy to see 148 on the scale. But where the journey will end as we keep learning? Who knows! 


CyberSis said...

Hi Pr. Weedon,

It was you and Pr. Beane who inspired me to try this way of eating. I've gone Wheat Belly all the way, along with a good-sized dose of Sisson. Our diet was generally pretty healthy before, and I didn’t really have *tons* to lose. I was interested primarily in figuring out what was causing my tummy trouble. Wheat elimination quickly proved to be the solution. “Healthy whole grains”… who knew? What you've described above matches our new and improved diet almost to a "T." BTW, I also got back to my "slender-iffic" high school weight without even trying! Funny thing ... when I started increasing my consumption of *good* fats ... Kerrygold, et al ;-) ... not only did the weight *really* start to melt off but I rather impressed my doctor with my VAP numbers.

If you were to check out gourmetgirlcooks.com for a *free* treasure-trove of delectable low carb, wheatless, grainless, and sugarless delights, you just might find “Yours Truly” somewhere in the comments. :-)

Marc Gajeton said...

Hey Pr. Weedon. Sorry this is off-topic, but I have a quick question since tomorrow is Septuagesima Sunday. Is it appropriate to still sing the Benedictus at Matins, or is this a good time to use another canticle, such as Is. 12:1-6 or Is. 38:10-20? I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!

William Weedon said...

Marc, Benedictus is appropriate throughout Lent.

Cybersis, that's great! Thanks!

Marc Gajeton said...

Thanks for the response, and again, sorry for being so off-topic! I don't know many people who would be able to answer something like that for me in a timely manner, which is why I'm very grateful you decided not to shut down the blog :).

Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

On another note, how is Cindi doing?